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Welcome to Pro-Prept Motocross. Specialist in modern motocross & off-road motorcycle suspension component servicing, engine service and more. Pro-Prept's services include fork seal replacement, complete forks/ shock servicing and rebuilding and engine services on both two strokes and four strokes. Pro-Prept also offers fork & shock spring upgrades for heavier or more aggressive or lighter than average riders. For more services offered click on "SERVICES"

For direct and faster service, you can use the "Pro-Prept" text line at 760-489-5774. Please help me keep my shop efficiency at a profitable level. Rather than call, text your inquiry to me. When you call Pro Prept Motorsports, you will most likely get my voicemail asking you to text your inquiry to the same number you called, 760-489-5774. Why is texting me more efficient? Because when my phone rings I have my hands in suspension fluid or am in the middle of a job that requires both hands. Picking up the phone and conversing with you will interrupt my work process. When you text, I can get back to you after I've had time to break away from the work in the shop and look at your inquiry.

Text for faster service quotes - 760-489-5774

While many think it is unpersonable, it is a better process than listening to a voicemail that I cannot understand. Your inquiry is in front of me. I do speak on the phone, but usually, you will have to be entered into my customer list, which I do with the information you provide me during your first text. Please keep my shop running as efficient as possible and text me with your inquiry. If you cannot text, then leave a voicemail and I will get back to you when I have a free hand.

PRO-PREPT MOTOCROSS CUSTOMER DISCOUNTS : *20%  discount after the first suspension service if you have a Pro-Prept fork/shock sticker on your suspension.  Our way of saying thank you for being a loyal, repeat customer.

* 20% discount applies to retail suspension service labor prices for repeat customers only.  First time customers receive 10% discount off retail suspension labor prices if you are willing to run Pro-Prept stickers on your suspension components.

Text for Quotes

Need a quote on service now? Pro Prept is only a text away. For the quickest quotes on suspension service, engine rebuilds or wheel lacing TEXT 760-489-5774

Fast Service

We pride ourselves on fast turn around service that is done correctly the first time

Loyalty Program

20% Discount after first suspension service when you have a Pro Prept fork/shock sticker on your suspension. It's our way of saying thank you for being a loyal, repeat customer.